Merry Bris-mas

The Circumcision of ChristWhether you’re nursing a Heebonism hangover or lo mein induced coma, it’s time to lay back and celebrate Christmas. No matter how you slice it, everyone deserves a day off.

Speaking of slicing, let’s get magically whisked away to a time when time didn’t matter, and anachronistic painting was a way of life: the middle ages. Get a load of a naked baby Jesus going under the knife at some Jews’ hands. Ah, memories.

Hilarious tumblog Fuck Yeah, Art History! has the full scoop on this Friedrich Herlin painting. Meanwhile, check out the closeup of the big slice below. Happy Holidays!

(via baital with hat tips to Heeb 100 alum @jennimiller76 and @dreidelhustler.)

Bris-mas Closeup

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