Mel Brooks would like you to get off your ass and vote for his nephew

Mel Brooks—Actually, make that Mel Kaminsky—has a message for the residents of New York’s ninth state senate district:


And if you’re gonna vote, why not cast your ballot for Todd Kaminsky who, it turns out, is Mel’s grand-nephew.

“He’s not only smart and talented, but he is absolutely honest,” Brooks gushes in a new robocall currently hitting residents of the Long Island district. “…Which is pretty rare for people in my family.”

Here’s Todd and his uncle Mel in September.

And here’s Todd with someone who may or may not be Mel dressed as the Easter Bunny. Who knows.  

Mel’s pre-recorded message is, in typically Brooks-ian fashion, a blend of bombastic self-eggrandizement, sly wink-wink humor, and some genuine heart thrown in as well. You can listen to the whole thing, below:

As Gothamist points out, this is actually Mel’s second time robocalling on behalf of Kaminsky. He cut a(n extremely similar) spot last April during a special election, in which Kaminsky ran to fill Dean Skelos’ seat.

What do you think?

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