Meet The “Samurai Jew”: Fighter Of Pigs, Eater Of Donuts

I’m a huge fan of Genndy Tartakovsky’s utterly-crazy, and absolutely brilliant, animated series Samurai Jack. From its first episode until the moment it was canceled mid-story, I followed the adventures of time-displaced Samurai Jack as the series pulled off the seemingly impossible task of balancing genuine comedy, sincere drama, and bonkers action, all brought to life through Tartakovsky’s genius art. So, when a friend sent me “Samurai Jew” I was not particularly enthusiastic. After years of Jewish parodies ruining their source material for me, I’ve built up a healthy skepticism for this stuff.

But, in this case, I was pleasantly surprised.

Sure, I don’t love the traditional Judaism it seems to espouse, but for what it is, Samurai Jew isn’t half bad. It looks pretty good, it’s got a few laughs, and hey – any video that ends with a kid standing amidst the wreckage of his once-livingroom, while his horrified family looks on in disbelief? I’m on board.

It ain’t Samurai Jack, but if you’re looking to kill a few minutes at work, you could do a lot worse.

What do you think?

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