Meet The Daily Show‘s New Senior Jewish Correspondent

Have you been going through Daily Show withdrawal? Since Jon Stewart’s departure, have you felt like Comedy Central’s offerings were just not as…Jewy as they once were? Not that you deserve it, but The Daily Show has a Hanukkah gift, or Christmas gift, or just a seasonally appropriate gift for you anyways: A new Senior Jewish Correspondent – Adam Lowitt.

Here he is recapping the  Republican Jewish Coalition Forum. Frankly, it’s a bit of a softball story for his first on-air appearance, but – consummately professional Jew that he is – Lowitt handles it in stride.

In fact, Lowitt’s not actually all that new. It turns he he started as a humble Daily Show intern in 2002 and has been climbing his way up the ladder to Executive Producer.
I’m sure his mother is proud.

What do you think?

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