Maybe You Should Listen to Your Rabbi, After All: Bad Hebrew Tattoos

Contemplating getting a Hebrew tattoo? Before you do, check out BadHebrewTattoos, a blog devoted to Hebrew tattoos gone horribly wrong. Reminiscent of the circa-2004 trend of making fun of fucked-up Chinese tats, this blog marks the rise of misspelled, mistranslated, and just plain backward-ass Hebrew inkings.


The blogger surmises that this tattoo was meant to say "Facedown" (which I suppose is one way of submitting to God’s will?) but instead, he ended up with the Hebrew version of the oft used dog training command, "Down, boy!"


This photo was labeled "Honor Thy Mother and Father" in the original gallery but it actually says "You shall not tattoo." BadHebrewTattoos writes:

"This is why you should be wary of the advice that’s often given online – to go consult with the nearest Rabbi about your Hebrew tattoo. I can totally see a pissed off Rabbi giving out this translation."


The woman above wanted "I am free." Instead, she ended up with "I’m for free."

BadHebrewTattoos is one great argument for not getting a tattoo in a language you don’t speak.

What do you think?

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Lauren Soroken

Lauren Soroken was raised in north Florida but now resides in Brooklyn where Heeb tried to dress her up as Ilsa, She-Wolf of the SS her first day on the job.

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    I can’t read the last one. Please read it back – all I get is Ani.

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