Man of the Year?

Jewdar’s coveted Man of the Year Award for 2007 (we know, we know, it’s a day or too late, but we had to make sure that all the ballots were in) goes to Will Smith. As many Jewdar devotees may know by now, not long ago, Mr. Smith made some “comments”: about _Der Fuhrer_ which were, sensationalism notwithstanding, the kind of quite reasonable things, which any reasonable person would find eminently reasonable. He did not say Hitler was good, but simply that Hitler _believed_ he was good, which is something that Jewdar can’t find any fault with. What Mr. Smith forgot, however, was that the world is not made up of reasonable and rather charming bon vivants like Jewdar; rather, it is made up of “moronic dickheads with poor reading skills.”: What makes Mr. Smith a fresh prince, however, is that he refused to apologize for the misunderstanding. Instead, Smith (who it should be noted, once worked with a Jew to save the world from aliens) went “on the attack.”: What we especially like about the whole Jewhaha is that the JDL, which currently enlists at least five members, threatened a boycott over the comments and then rescinded their threat due to Smith’s “apology.”

So congratulations, Will Smith, for winning Jewdar’s coveted Man of the Year Award for 2007. And now that we have your attention, would it kill you to toss a bone to Alfonso Ribeiro every now and then? For God’s sake, the man’s been reduced to doing _Dancing with the Stars_.

What do you think?

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