Links: We Find ‘Em So You Can Procrastinate

Orthodoxy rebels: Israeli cheerleaders flout society by “not being sexy.” (Yahoo)

Paris Hilton tries to tell reporters that she’s “earned everything she has” unlike her rich, privileged friends; reporters cannot decipher a word around the silver cutlery that is perpetually jammed in her mouth. (Litely Salted)

Bathroom humor is taken to a whole new level at the Williamsburg Rec Center, where all toilets are Hasid-friendly. (Jewcy)

In an attempt to distance herself even further from her soon-to-be ex-hubby’s white-supremacy scandal, shiksa Sandra Bullock throws her new baby boy a Jewish bris, mohel and everything. (Hollywood Life)

Vampires and zombies are dead, so to speak. The Toilet Paper gives all the low-down on what’s sure to be the next hottest trend: Aliens. (The Toilet Paper)

In one fell swoop, the Washington Post makes its most politically incorrect blunder ever while coining an idol for all the leftist PC crusaders: Obama X. (The World’s Best Ever)

What do you think?

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  1. Judah Ari Gross

    According to my sister, who I hold to be a credible authority, Sandra Bullock is no shiksa. But who knows?


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