Links for ‘Shoah Acid’

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 1.44.58 PM‘Shoa Acid’ in Berlin (Forward)

Dylan Farrow renews abuse allegations against Woody Allen (NY Times)

The Anti-Yiddish riots in Palestinian Tel Aviv (Jewniverse)

Bursting Bubbles of SodaStream’s Haters (Forward)

5 things I learned from the Scarlett Johansson/SodaStream affair (972 Mag)

Meet the first “.Kosher” website (Haaretz)

The Death And Taxes Guide To Rooting For The Superbowl (Death And Taxes)

Do you live in America’s most “Bible-Minded” city? (Huffington Post)

The most important Superbowl ad of the year won’t be shown during the Superbowl (Films For Action)

Actor, Producer, Conductor, All-Allround Badass Maximilian Schell dead at 83 (WSJ)

“The Big Picture” – Movie Music at the Museum of Jewish Heritage (NY Times)


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