Links for Russell Brand’s “Hugo Boss Is A Nazi” Joke

russell-brand-on-stage-for-nbc-today-everettRussell Brand Writes Op-Ed About ‘GQ’ Awards, Hugo Boss ‘Nazi’ Joke (The Hollywood Reporter)(The Guardian)

Woody Allen cast in John Turturro film by his barber (Page Six)

Report: Israel stopped producing nukes in 2004 (JTA)

Kissinger thought ‘the Israelis will reach Cairo in three days’ (Israel Hayom)

Where Is Dick Fuld Now? Finding Lehman Brothers’ Last CEO (Business Week)

The Brogrammer as Free Speech Martyr (Slate)

On Being Pax Dickinson’s Former Co-Founder (Medium)

Of Meds and Marriage (Just Married)

Handwriting assessment can be used for early detection of Parkinson’s disease (JPOST)

The digital revolution chips away at an ancient barrier: The Jewish Sabbath (The Washington Post)

Seven Jewish Bloggers who Deserve More Attention (Pop Chassid)

Britain’s Jews fall in number but grow in self-confidence (The Guardian)

Jewish Themed Muppets Parody (The Hoolinet)

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