Links for the Regional Cossack Party (1)Cossack party announces ambition to run in regional polls (RT)

Nazis stole woman’s art, and then her son did too (NY Post)

Behind The Lens With Prizewinning ‘Women Of Vision’ (NPR)

A Little Bit Pregnant: The Numbers Game (NY Times)

Israeli model Bar Refaeli denies she’s lonely (Haaretz)

Natalie Portman Gives Son Aleph a Piggyback Ride in Paris—Look How Big He Is! (E Online)

Family of Arab doctor rejects honor from Israeli Holocaust memorial (The Washington Times)

In Tel Aviv’s Mayoral Elections, It’s the Left Versus the Far Left (Tablet)

Ami Magazine Glorifies Haredi Violence Only Days After Arrests Of Haredi Kidnap-Torture-Extortion Gang (Failed Messiah)

Can Billionaire Philanthropists Replace the Federal Government? (The Nation)

The Rebbetzin (Frum Gay Girl)

Jacob Bender Is First Jew To Lead Chapter of Muslim Advocacy Group CAIR (Forward)

Soros Funded Group Plans “Conservative” Amnesty Fly-In (WND)

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