Links For An Israeli Paper Publishing A Column Titled “When Genocide Is Permissible”

Here_Is_an_Israeli_Paper_Column_Titled__When_Genocide_Is_Permissible_Here Is An Israeli Paper Column titled “When Genocide Is Permissible” [Gawker]

Comedian Irwin Corey Celebrates Star-Studded Centennial [Forward]

Frankenfood Got You Scared? Try Ghost Food [GOOD]

No Fuckhead You Are Not A Storyteller [Juxtapoz]

Life-Size Jarvis Cocker And Judi Dench Cakes, Anyone? [Dangerous Minds]

Utah Man Fired For Blogging About “Homophones” [Disinfo]

The Ukraine Crisis Explained In GIFs And In-Depth Policy Papers From Esteemed Policy Institutions [Clickhole]

How A Stoned Teen’s Wikipedia Hoax Is Still Fooling Scholars And Experts¬†[Gizmodo]

Ghostbusters: Not Just For Old White Guys [Deadline]

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