Links for the Studly Single Jewish Educator

Time Out NY picks hot singles for you to date. (TONY)

The Jewish community is divided between insiders and outsiders. (The Huffington Post)

Asian woman as “the new shiksa.” (The Sisterhood)

It’s not easy to be sufficiently homophobic enough for Rabbi Levin’s endorsement. (Failed Messiah)

Israeli-Palestinian crisis fingered for Christian population decline in Israel and Middle East. (

American Jewish poll surprises: 52% said they support the Arizona Law, more support Netanyahu than Obama. (NY Jewish Week)

What do you think?

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Bernard Mendelbaum

Bernard Mendelbaum is a retired insurance policy man from Rye, New York.

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  1. Puck

    Ginger Jews creep me out…in other news, if that’s the ‘hottest’ NY has to offer :S The guy in the Heeb Pic is cute though…I like glasses…they make people looked learnered.


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