Links for the Expansion of the Electric Car

Israeli-American electric car company Better Place expands with $200 million infusion. (Washington Post)

Another dumbass loser in a pig mask. (Jappy Princess)

Hasidic table manners. (Dov Bear)

Haredi gang war continues. (Failed Messiah)

Frank Miller viciously trashes Occupy. (Frank Miller Ink)

Frank Miller reveals how his Batman would respond to Occupy Wall Street. (io9)

The strange tale of Hitler’s Jewish psychic. (Forward)

Ruin Hitler’s night? (imgur)

The ADL honors Volkswagen with Henry Kissinger as keynote speaker. (GABC) via (Eli Valley)

The Forward goes 24/6, putting another day back into daily. (Forward)

“Come and Go”–ten people passing a kiss. (Anat Segal)

What do you think?

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