Links for Rescinding Kosher Certification on Lube out of Homophobia

uranusRabbinical Council of California Stupidly Rescinds Kosher Certification for Lube out of Fear of Gays (
) (Failed Messiah)

32 Things Jewish Girls Can’t Resist (BuzzFeed)

Fabrizio “The Fat Jew” Goldstein answers Why Kosher Tacos (Vimeo)

World War Z criticized for ‘Israeli propaganda’ (Ahram Online)

Someone made a play about the Hipster v. Hasid bike war (Hipster Jew)

A Joyous Lens: Kitra Cahana [Interview] (F+B)

The 10 Minutes Away Pie (The Hairpin)

The Original Schindler’s List Is for Sale. On eBay. (Tablet)

Dubai sentences Norwegian woman who reported rape (BBC News) (CNN)

The Hitler Pictures That Hitler Wanted Destroyed (Tablet)

The Global Hoodie (Souciant)

Riots flare in France as police enforce burka law (FT)

The ‘female Schindler’ who saved 2,500 Jewish children but died wishing she’d rescued more (Daily Mail)

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