Links for Lou Reed’s New Liver

imgLou Reed2Lou Reed Recovering After Liver Transplant: “I Am A Triumph Of Modern Medicine” (Gothamist)

Chabad Messianists ‘Get’ Wine On Shavuot ‘From’ Chabad’s Dead Rebbe (Failed Messiah)

The Google Glass Tefillin Stand: Geeky Religious Marketing (Search Engine Roundtable)

Ari Mandel tries to sell his spot in heaven on eBay (ABC)

A Very Brief History of Why It’s So Hard to Get From Brooklyn to Queens (The Atlantic)

The Over It Pie (The Hairpin)

Israel has 10th highest percentage of millionaires (Globes)

JNF to Pay Bill Clinton Foundation $500K for Clinton Visit (Arutz Sheva)

Wandering in the Desert (Jewrotica)

TV Is for Dummies (Tablet)

A Response to Criticism (Stop Kiruv Now)

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