Links For Nazi War Criminals Who Never Left The US

NazisDeportationLimbo102401--300x450Ten Suspected Nazi War Criminals Ordered Deported Never Left The US (NY Post)

Raiders of “Hitler’s Gas Station” Reunite In Ohio (Tyler Morning Telegraph)

Why This Rabbi Went To Church Last Sunday (HuffPost Religion)

Talking to Henry Winkler About ‘Childrens Hospital,’ ‘Arrested Development,’ and ‘Parks and Rec’ (Splitsider)

Official: Cannes Diamond Heist Actually Nets $136 Million (AP)

Zimbabwe’s Made-in-Israel ‘Landslide’ (Forward)

The Best Evidence Of The Need For Secular Education For Haredim (Failed Messiah)

Forcible Circumcision Turned This Man Into an Anti-Circumcision Activist (Vice)

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