Links for Madonna Brandishing an AK-47 to Kick Off World Peace Tour in Israel

Madonna comes under fire for brandishing AK-47 as she kicks off MDNA tour in Israel calling for ‘world peace’ (Daily Mail)

Racist far right winged politician threatens Madonna! (ONTD)

Sarah Silverman Hops On The Straight Talk Express About Adoption, Depression (Jezebel)

She’s Just Not That Into Jew (Slate)

Lena Greenberg reacts after misspelling ‘geistlich’ (The Daily Beast)

New minority label at CUNY: ‘Jewish’ (NY Post)

Muhammad Ali’s Grandson is Bar Mitzvahed (The Sweet Science)

My Jewish Abortion (Kveller)

Stuxnet was work of U.S. and Israeli experts, officials say (Washington Post)

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