Links for Israel’s Lefty Cats

An Israeli Lefty cat craze. (972 Mag)

Sarah Silverman: The SNL years. (Splitsider)

Sarah Silverman discusses ‘Jewy-ness.’ (YNET)

Occupiers, Ron Paul supporters, and anti-Zionist hasidim protest together in Concord. (Buzzfeed)

Carrie Brownstein on Portlandia’s new season. (Splitsider)

25 things writers should stop doing (right fucking now). (Terribleminds)

Monsey store protects men from enticing laundry detergent labels. (Dov Bear)

Haredi rioters stone non-segregated buses. (Ynet)

250 women dance in Beit Shemesh protest flashmob. (JPOST)

Housing protestors arrested in Tel Aviv. (Jewish Press)

What do you think?

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