Links for Hitler’s Toilet Seat

hitler_toilet_012513_620pxHitler’s Toilet Is in New Jersey (Tablet)

Photo: Mark Zuckerberg Probably Went To Rave, Danced Awkwardly In 2009 (SFist)

Nice Jewish Goys: No Religion Required in New Shabbat Traditions (The Observer)

The Best Jewish Director You’ve Never Heard Of (Forward)

Daniel Birnbaum on SodaStream’s Super Bowl Ad (Bloomberg Business Week)

The Original Jewish Genius (Slate)

How true is it that Israel deceitfully gave Ethiopian Jews birth control injections? (The Telegraph)

Nation Would Not Be Surprised At This Point If Chris Brown Allegedly Traveled Back In Time And Punched Anne Frank (The Onion)

Money and Depression: Telling Your Boss, Or Not (The Billfold)

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