Links for Egypt’s Plague of Locusts

locustPlague of locusts hits Egypt (YNET)

Klu Klux Klan on a Ferris Wheel (Dangerous Minds)

From Aerosmith to Eminem, Dr. Dot knows what rockers knead (NY Post)

The 10 Worst Bar Mitzvahs (The Onion)

31 Reasons Why Bar & Bat Mitzvahs Were The Best (Buzzfeed)

Lena Dunham Charms My Pants Off, Keeps Hers On (New Voices)

The Double Life of an Apostate (The Kurdled Jew)

You Can’t Fool the Youth: A Jewish Institutional Makeover (Huffington Post)

There is a highly suspicious degree of Jewish over-representation in elite college enrollment (The American Conservative)

Report: Hasidim Get Disproportionately High Number Of Low Income Housing Vouchers (Failed Messiah)

The Idea of an “Israel Lobby” has Entered the Realm of Pop Culture (Forward)

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