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Guess Who’s MMMBack!? (The Daily What)

A Doodler’s Death (Flavorwire)

Dust Off That Rug, Ladies. Melissa Etheridge gets Divorced (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

Type O Negative’s frontman flat line positive (BrooklynVegan)

Singin’, Dancin’, Coke Smugglin’. It’s a slippery slope when you’re Zac Efron (FilmDrunk)

Pam Anderson does her taxes . . . with her tits! (Zing!) (F-Listed)

And lastly, Israel bans iPad, a.k.a. “Dad’s Game Boy.” WiFi incompatibility? Or a secret Israeli attack on the already failing U.S. economy? Hey, it’s no crazier than Iran-Contra. (Gearlog)

What do you think?

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