Link Round Up: Hipsters, Heart Attacks and Whores

Israeli goddess Bar Refaeli gets on top of "The Situation." They’re right: Jewish girls are easy. (Hollyscoop)

The two subcultures everyone hates continue to hate each other: The Definitive History of the Hipster/Hasid War. (New York Magazine) And check out Heeb‘s take here.


Not. Kosher. On. So. Many. Levels. KFC’s Double Down — cheese, mayo and bacon between two fried chicken breasts instead of boring old bread. Defrillator not included. (Eater)


Nazi whores have feelings too. (Radar Online)

"Bombshell"McGee says she "feels bad" for Sandra Bullock. All better! (Jezebel)


What’s awesomer than fighting monkeys? Fighting monkeys wearing bikinis! (Oddity Central )


What do you think?

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