Link Round Up

Lance Armstrong’s Weak Pubestache. Well, When There Ain’t Balls For Dropping… (Asylum)

Katz Got Your Tongue? (Tablet)

The ONLY Time Erik Estrada Was Not Hot CHiPs Shit (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

Lady Gaga Takes A Leak (F-Listed)

Michael Bay Takes ‘Fitty to Titty City (CelebJihad)

"This Dish Tastes Like… PeOpLe!" (mental_floss)

Why Read When You Can Eye Fuck? (Are You Shaved?)

Bigots in Brooklyn (Note: NOT A Jeffersons Spin-Off) (Jewcy)

Kink Kong: 50 Cent Meets the Rockettes (Gothamist)

Phone Companies Have VerEYE’zon Ya (Tiny Mix Tapes)

6 Ways to Strut Your Illegal Beagle, So To Speak (Cracked)

Nude Beaching The Heming-way (The Huffington Post)

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