Link Round Up

The Seagal Has Landed… (Screen Junkies)

Chelsea Clinton Enters Wedlox (Forward)

Pete Doherty: Germany’s National An(a)them(a) (Agent Bedhead)

Gas-Maskin’ Ass-Backwards (The Daily What)

Moviefone’s To-Don’t List (If You Catch My Drift) (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

Isles & Tribulation (mental_floss)

Karate Kid 4: The Rise of Blackie Chan (FilmDrunk)

Go Screw Yourself.


Science (Cracked)

SuperTragicCladSeductressSexin’ItTa’Showbiz (-Mary Poppin’ Cherry) (Asylum)

Board of Ejewcation (FailedMessiah) (for the record: School of Hardlox)

Jacob Neusner Wants a Cheeseburger……and he wants it now (Forward)

Tim Burden (Art Fag City)

Six-Year Olds Knocked Out Cold (F-Listed)

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