Link Round Up

redeSign Language (mental_floss)

Zen Moment: If Freddie Prinze Jr & Sarah Michelle Gellar Resurface Is Anyone Around To Give A Shit? (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

Cats & Gods (The Daily What)

Premature Magiculation (Screen Junkies)

Horny The Tiger Says "Polygamy; it’s GRRRREAT!" (F-Listed)

The Pathos of Logos (Cracked)

ForePlayground (Asylum)

E.T. Phone Homeland: Speilberg in Jerusalem (Forward)

Ze Yiddish Ventriloquist (Tablet)

The Crack Of Tom (Agent Bedhead)

RIP Hop? (Tiny Mix Tapes)

The Santacaust (FilmDrunk)

What do you think?

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