Leah Lighting Candles

Although no longer hasidic, Leah Kleim still lights candles every Friday night. Lighting candles on Friday night is a traditional practice for Jewish women.

Photo courtesy of Mo Gelber.

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  1. Jason

    Very generic lacking of style and taste, Leaning on Obscenity to gain riveting taste… Lacking of Talent..

  2. JBHoren

    I’m a heavily tattooed Jewish guy — a yeshiva bochur, no longer actively practicing — and Leah Kleim has just made my Erev Shabbos (such as it is, here in Fairbanks, AK).


  3. clothes on for candle lighting..haha

    Tatts are nice….praying over candles great, nakedness, great–naked at shabbos candle, bad taste..doesnt go together…not for us to see anyway..jason said it best, but I wanta show ur great…not those together tho..like Madonna prancing around in undies for a enslaved black man, what was that..bless yu, and please, cover up..good shabbos..this will mos def get u in Playboy like yu wanted…too bad u used the Lords Holiness to do it…

  4. Morris

    I dont care what these wanna be critics say, I think this a great photo which makes you think and therefore contains talent.

  5. Mo

    to those who say it is forbidden to say a blessing without clothes, think about the bris ceremony. The rabbi and the congregation say blessings while the baby is naked.

  6. Jonathan B. Horen

    @Leah: I also think it’s a fabulous picture. Why don’t you go ahead and frame it, then blow ME? (up)

  7. Paul Besterman

    Only in America with it’s disregard for tradition and respect could this happen, Good or Bad ? I honour the 3000 year old heritage of my people which as I am sure you all are aware of does not include Tattoos.


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