Just Call Them Jew

Sarah Silverman and Seth Rogen are not hung up on formalities. You don’t have to address them as “Ms. Silverman” or “Mr. Rogen.”

You can just call them “Jew.”

The Ampersand reports,

“Call me Jew,” said Sarah Silverman to a bank of photographers calling out her name before the start of the Take This Waltz press conference Sunday afternoon.

“I also respond to Jew,” added Seth Rogen, who then dropped his trademark machine gun baritone laugh.

The press conference for Take This Waltz, a sultry and adult “romantic drama” written and directed by Toronto resident hero Sarah Polley, concerns a married woman contemplating an affair with a neighbour.

What do you think?

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Bernard Mendelbaum

Bernard Mendelbaum is a retired insurance policy man from Rye, New York.

3 Responses

  1. dee

    I hate these two bastards. Why is it always the nerdy annoying comedians who emphasize the fact that they’re Jewish? I mean always, literally, without exception, ever.

  2. Puck

    Bah @ dee
    Seth Rogen’s dreamy *swoons*
    Silverman…I wouldn’t say she’s nerdy, Star Rrek: Voyager appearance notwithstanding.
    She’s also hawt.

  3. esegal

    I agree with Dee. Self-depricating Jews to get a laugh at the rest of our expense is dispicable. Get some real talent and work off of that. Seth Rogen is the kind of guy, jewish or not, I’d beat the crap out of at a bar just for being an obnoxious ass. Silverman, hmm, really don’t give her much thougt — not even for being “hot.” We put way too much emphasis on entertainers anyway — who gives a rat’s ass what they think (do they think?) aboutthe world, politics, etc,. Just do your job and make me laugh or I’ll change the DVD/channel on you. When I go to the Dentist, butcher or hire a plumber, I don’t want to hear their opinion on Israeli/Palestinian relations (BTW there aren’t any). So when I may stumble across these two, deprciating themselves and exploiting the “Jew” identify, it’s insulting that the one even had a putz big enough to circumsize and the other possibly spent time in schul.


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