Israelis Name A Melon After Justin Timberlake For Some Damn Reason


Look, it’s very nice that JT played what was by all accounts a terrific show in Tel Aviv this week. Good for him. Super.

I certainly don’t give a shit that he took a picture at the wester wall. Unlike some, I don’t think an instagram of a fedora facing bricks is, in and of itself, all that interesting. But then I hear that a bunch of Israeli farmers up and name a melon after the guy? Well, now we’re cookin’ with gas.

Reports the Jerusalem Post:

Agrarians in Ein Yahav, the moshav which lies in the northern Arava just near the border with Jordan, are naming a new variety of melon after Timberlake.

The new “Justin” melon is yellow on the outside and orange on the inside. It is known for its sweet taste and its three-week shelf life.

it’s worth pointing out that Justin himself has slightly different coloration, and that, between the Mickey Mouse Club, ‘N Sync, and his solo career, he has enjoyed a shelf life of twenty years and counting.

Still, while having a melon named after you is a nice gesture – everyone likes a nice piece of fruit – it strikes me as something of a consolation prize next to the highest honor the Jewish world can bestow upon an entertainer: Your own sandwich at the Carnegie. (Imagine the lines for a “hot ‘Justin’ on rye”)

So is this the start of a trend? Will all celebrities of a certain stature who visit Israel have fruit named after them?

There’s no word on whether these same farmers plan to name anything after the Rolling Stones ahead of their upcoming visit. That said, I’m not sure they even make prunes in Israel, anyways.

What do you think?

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