Israeli CEO Brokers Hulu Alliance, Peace Next

Avner Ronen, Boxee CEOSince 2007, Boxee has been making it easy for users to stream netflix and watch pirated pornos on their HDTVs. Now, they’re coming out with a set-top-box cleverly named the Boxee Box. At a launch event in New York last night, Avner Ronen, the company’s CEO, announced an agreement with Hulu, the streaming service sanctioned by most of the major US networks and movie studios. Hulu has long blocked service to Boxee because the networks like the smell of the inside of their asses, but now there’s Hulu Plus, a pay service. Hulu has come to Boxee as long as you’ve got pocket change to foot the bill.

Apparently the crowd loved that announcement so much that Avner Ronen hammed it up to play to the crowd. “It’s true, we’re friends now. Next up, Middle East Peace.” Get on that, but if it costs $9.99 a month and has ads, I bet there won’t be any biters.

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