Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Dating _Heeb_’s Joshua Neuman?

Last week, I had to do a double-take when I thought I saw Heeb publisher Joshua Neuman kissing and stroking the legs of Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt. Alas, it wasn’t Neuman, who was bed-stricken at the time with a painful impacted wisdom tooth. The canoodler in question was Neuman doppelganger Jamie Kennedy who also stars on Ghost Whisperer and is currently dating "JLove."

I chatted up Kennedy while J-Love pouted. He told me about what a social media geek he is–with Twitter, in particular. He also complained that he couldn’t get Jennifer into the micro-blog.

“She’s not on it,” said Kennedy. “I’ve tried. She doesn’t like ‘that kind of technology.’ She won’t do it." So there is no "JENNEDY" to follow on Twitter and, hence, no "sneaky" photos of Jennifer’s posterior.

Fans can follow Jamie_Kennedy (The REAL Jamie Kennedy Twits Here!) for some scoop. (After all, that’s how we learned he calls her JLove and that he likes their papparazzi-given JENNEDY name.)

“I was on Twitter when no one was on Twitter," he boasted. "I would Twit and no one would Twit back. I turned a lot of people onto Twitter.” His first tweet, in fact, was about a particularly annoying fan-girl. “I tweeted that some girl came up to me and wanted a picture and she yells to her friend: ‘Wait, I want to take a picture with Jamie Foxx.’"

In Kennedy’s defense, he doesn’t go Diddy or Demi with the random humdrum tweets. "I don’t do: I’m at the supermarket: Dial or Ivory?" Kennedy said. “I think there is some mystery to my life that should be left off of Twitter. There is a lot of other stuff I don’t twit about.”

Here’s some advice to our Joshua Neuman bizarro who, for the moment is enjoying him some JLove: With Hewett’s engagement rate (Are we at four already?), you had better keep those updates offline. A diamond isn’t forever, but a tweet feed is.

What do you think?

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