Independence Day Weekend Linkage

Need a bumpin’ track for your 7/4 cookout? How about Fat Jew and Team Facelift’s new one “Are You a Demon From Hell Or Just My Ex-Girlfriend?” (Vimeo)

An 8-minute YouTube review of What Women Want awesomely coincides with Mel Gibson’s racist rant. (YouTube)

The Japanese have done it again! Now dudes can find out what it’s like to have a period with a new menstruation machine because, you know, they were dying to know. (Gizmodo)

Band’s only fan faceplants; shitty Metallica covers continue. (The Internet Today)

Who cares about voting for pretentious arty movie pitches when you can pick from the worst instead? A movie set in a world where sneezing is deadly anyone? (Asylum)

Once he hangs up the suspenders, Larry King will start hustlin’ fake Brooklyn bagels. Seriously. (The Improper)

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