The Houston Rockets Attempt (and fail) “I Have A Little Dreidel”…Again

Ahhh Hanukkah – the time for well-intentioned, but utterly awful holiday videos. When the talentless masses feels compelled to foist their uncomfortable performances on an unsuspecting public, hungry for, well… uncomfortable performances. Last year it was the Houston Rockets who established themselves as the standard bearers for well-intentioned talentlessness. This year they’re back and – incredibly – have actually gotten worse. Did they not spend the last 12 months practicing for this very moment? Especially Omri Casspi who, as one of the NBA’s few Jews, should really have taken the lead here.

“Isn’t this a Jewish thing?”

You know what guys – you can have it. We’ll..uh…we’ll find something else.

[via, h/t Hebrew Ruckus]

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