Holy Hell, Spaceballs: The Lego Set Looks Amazing (And Needs Your Help!)


“Merchandising! Merchandising! Where da real money from da movie is made.”

Thus speakith Yogurt, master of The Schwartz, and ultimate know-it-all when it comes to squeezing a buck out of the Spaceballs franchise. Surely, then, the diminutive guru would approve of these plans to turn everyone’s favorite Star Wars spoof/rip-off/homage into a series of Lego sets, suitable to be played with by Dark Helmet, himself.

Submitted to Lego’s “Ideas” crowdsourced suggestion platform by user NvdK, the two Spaceballs sets let budding builders play on both sides of the Schwartz by constructing either Lonestar’s famed space-Winnebago, the “Eagle 5,” or Dark Helmet’s imposing “Spaceball 1” battleship (which, while not transforming into Mega Maid, would include these guys.)

Feast your eyes on… Spaceballs: The Lego Sets!


As the Eagle 5’s entry page explains:

The Set will include the ‘Eagle 5’ and Captain Lone Starr with his Schwartz-saber. Also included are the secret hyper jets in the rear of the ‘Eagle 5’! (No one will expect a Winnebago having secret hyper jet, not even Dark helmet). The Eagle 5 ‘Hero for Hire’ logo will come as a printed piece with the set.

Spaceball 1, on the other hand, will come with:

…two Spaceball soldier minifigs included in this set with a Comb. So they can comb the desert. The ‘WE BRAKE FOR NOBODY’ bumpersticker will come as a printed piece with the set.

Sounds great, right?



In order for both sets to become actual Lego products, they must first pass a certain vote threshold. That means it’s time for you (yes, you!) to head over to the Lego Ideas site, and let ’em know you want to see these Spaceballs on shelves by hanukkah. Both sets face some stiff, but ultimately lame (read: non-Mel Brooks-related) competition, so each and every vote counts if you want even a shot at making these things a reality.

There. You know what you have to do. Get voting, and as always: May the Schwartz be with you.

What do you think?

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