Hitler Mini Golf is Art

Hitler Mini Golf

It’s pretty easy to get Hitler’s approval, you just have to sink a putt.

At the Doug Fishbone and Friends Adventureland Golf exhibit in the UK, Jake and Dinos Chapman and have created an…unconventional mini golf hole. A sculpture of Hitler resides over the hole and salutes if you make your ball in. Watch:

In the artists’ words: “The Chapman’s saluting Adolf Hitler places the powerful image of the Nazi regime within the context of holiday fun and in doing so makes reference to the British wartime spirit of making humour at the fuehrer’s expense.” Because who hasn’t been dying to get saluted by Hitler? The exhibit also features a Saddam Hussein who topples over if you make your shot.

What do you think?

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Mark Dommu

Heeb's Culture Editor is a writer and performance artist living in Brooklyn and the reigning ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ trivia champion of NYC. Mark created, writes and stars in ‘I Give Good Hebrew’ and is the Editor-in-Chief of The Culture Whore , which curates and celebrates the best art being made in Brooklyn/NYC and around the world.

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  1. Caring

    Mark, great writing. If you can, can I possibly have the address where I could contact these brothers. I’m trying to get ahold of these kids who designed this. My whole family was killed, some in front of my Dad!!! as I’m sure many of yours was (all of us). Not just Jews, unenlightened ones!! We are not British (us OUT of England) and I got Best sense of humor in school–I have humor–and this is not one bit of fucken funny!! Could you please remove this item from your catalogue (and mind). You have plenty more, and I’m sure you make enough funds without it..I’m sure that I’m not the only one that is sickened by this..Glad my Dad’s not around to see it..He cried telling the story of how they just cut a Rabbis beard, which went against everything the rabbi believed in. My father had never cried. Please sirs, its not funny, please take it off immediately. Thanks. It would really bring up an old, not yet buried disease!! Again, Thanks.

  2. fina man

    bollox its bang out of order am goin there to smash it up with the club the give me and call that art !!!

  3. capit

    kinda dumb. but please don’t be giving out peoples’ addresses to nutjobs on the internet.


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