Hey Look! It’s the Most Embarrassing Thing Andrew Zimmern Has Ever Done!

I won’t lie – I love Andrew Zimmern. I fully, wholeheartedly, unabashedly love the guy. It’s hard not to. This is a man who dives in headfirst to munch on insects, sheep rectum, and all manner of disgusting – but, apparently digestible – dishes; He’s not just willing to eat the stuff, he’s eager.

So, what skeleton in Andrew’s closet is so foul, so disgusting and degenerate that it makes even him cringe? Evidently it’s this extraordinarily bad sizzle reel he shot years ago for some country music video countdown show, where he taught the audience at home how to cook a simple recipe while they sat back and enjoyed an hour of honky tonk vids. Explains Andrew:

Over a decade ago I took almost every opportunity I could get to be on camera. In the end I gained a lot of experience and learned from a lot of mistakes. Some of the projects I worked on were real Ishtars.

Oh man, folks. He’s not kidding. It’s bad. It’s really, really bad. And yet, as is also the case when Andrew chows down on some unmentionable part of some exotic animal, it’s damn fun to watch.

Manufactured marital strife, Caribbean Kenny Chesney, and, yes, a recipe for “Lonely Guy Frito™ Pie” – What’s not to love?

Andrew recently unearthed the video as a #ThrowbackThursday gag on his site. As you can tell, he and his Go Fork Yourself podcast co-host Molly Mogren have a blast picking apart his very nuanced portrayal of a man in search of solace, only to find it in a bag of corn chips.

[via AndrewZimmern.com, cover image via youtube screenshot]

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