He’s Baaack! Hebrew Hammer 2 is Moving Forward! *UPDATED*


It should come as no surprise that we’re big fans of classic holiday film The Hebrew Hammer over hereWe ranked it #20 in our list of “The 100 Greatest Jewish Movie Moments,” and labeled Hammer’s dirty-talk lovemaking as “the greatest Jewish love scene in the history of film.

So, you can imagine how excited we were when we received the following, somewhat cryptic, email from Hammer creator Jonathan Kesselman:

Are there more adventures in store for everyone’s favorite certified, circumcised dick? It looks like it! But, according to the link in the email, he needs your help. Using crowdsourced funding platform Jewcer.com, Kesselman is raising money to turn The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler into a reality.

Now, folks, we really, really want to see this film get made. So, head over to The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler’s Jewcer page, kick him a few shekels, and get all your friends (even the goyish ones. Tell them it’s “reparations”) to do the same.

And, above all else, remember…


Update: From our lips to Kesselman’s ears, here’s the brand-spankin’ new Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler Jewcer campaign promotional video, complete with juicy plot details!

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