[WATCH] Jon Stewart On Egypt’s Version Of “The Daily Show”

As you’ve probably noticed, Jon Stewart hasn’t been quite so daily on The Daily Show this summer. Instead, he’s spending the next few months in the Middle East, directing his first feature film Rosewater, based on journalist Maziar Bahari’s book “Then They Came For Me” which chronicled Bahari’s imprisonment following the 2009 Iranian election.

While his Daily Show seat is (temporarily) occupied by the entirely capable John Oliver, Stewart  – seemingly unable to fully abandon the thrill of live television – made a surprise appearance on the other side of the desk over at The Daily Show‘s Egyptian equivalent, Al-Bernameg (The Program) with host Bassem Youssef. Youssef’s been a guest on Stewart’s show several times before, so it only makes sense that, with Jon already in the region, the favor be returned. Brought out as a hooded “spy”, Stewart – looking a little grizzled, with some fresh facial scruff – dazzles the audience with a few lines of (pre-memorized) Arabic, before switching to English around the two and a half minute mark.

Watch Stewart’s entire Al-Bernameg appearance, including an introduction to Egyptian cuisine, here:

[via Splitsider]

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