Here Comes Swasti Claus …

Attention, shoppers: Not sure what to get the Jew hatin’, anger wieldin’ bigot this holiday season? Guess what? It doesn’t matter as long as you wrap it with swastika wrapping paper. That’s right. For just $1, you can purchase gift wrap with the one crest more recognizable than the Golden Arches: a motherfucking swastika. Sure, it is possible that this specialty gift wrap is part of an effort to revive Sanskrit for modern society, but let’s not kid ourselves.

What do you think?

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Alex Rubin is a grumpy punster. He is also a musician & writer. Born a middle child in Maryland with a passion for Judeo-Erotic Fan Fiction, he arrived at Heeb after completing The Diary of Anne Spank. He currently resides in Coney Island (no soliciting).

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  1. emdubya

    Yup, them buddhists and hindus are raving jew-haters. China’s and India are pretty much the new nazi Germany. Swastikas everywhere.


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