Hatikva 6 Help Bring the Tel Aviv Beach to Central Park

Popular Israeli reggae band Hatikva 6, rock band Flow and DJ Hadar Marks brought the Tel Aviv beach vibe to Central Park on Sunday to help celebrate the Israeli city’s 100th birthday.

A 1,300 square-foot sandbox beach was set up in front of the Naumburg Bandshell, complete with paddleball and backgammon, two popular Tel Aviv beach games.

"We’re very excited," Hatikva 6 lead singer Omri Glikman told Heeb. "It’s very special to us to celebrate the occasion of 100 years of an Israeli city in New York. We’re spreading our community out in the world. It means that we survive."

The band took a break from promoting their third album, Afrokaliptus, in Israel to fly over for the gig. It marked their third time playing New York, following two U.S. tours.

An energetic crowd jumped around dancing and hitting beach balls throughout the free show, shouting along to the lyrics in Hebrew. "Everyone knew all the words," said keyboardist Shelly Glickman. "We were surprised. We weren’t sure who the crowd would be."

The day was organized by Eytan Schwartz, winner of the 2004 Israeli reality show The Ambassador. "The world is divided into two types of people," Schwartz told Heeb. "Those who have discovered the wonder and beauty of the Israeli woman in a bikini, and those who haven’t. Hopefully today we brought the second group closer to the first."

Schwartz said the goal of the event was to "show the side of Israel that people don’t necessarily associate with the country. All of these things are embedded in Tel Aviv culture. It’s young, dynamic, creative, energetic and a little bit sexy."

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