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It has long been noted (okay, by me, but I have been ranting about it for a while) that the hospital on ER must be the only one in Chicago without a Jewish doctor. Apologists for the hospital’s strangely discriminatory hiring polices might point out that during a tres special Chanuka episode, Dr. Greene revealed he was a mischling, to which I’d say that given the Jewish population of the Windy City, they can do a little better than that over the course of the show’s decade-plus run. Hope springs eternal, however, and the wife and I were rubbing our eyes in disbelief over the commercials showing Luka and Abbey’s Thursday (5/3) night nuptials, since there is definitely a rabbi performing the ceremony. While the wife suggests that it may simply be some attempt at an amusing plot twist (e.g, the wedding gets performed by a hospital chaplain or some such thing), I’m not willing to rule out the sudden revelation (as per Dr. Greene) that Abbey is really a Memberess of the Tribe. Even if that is the case, the producers of the show should be aware that this isn’t Pesach, and that is not enough. Until there is a full Jew loud, out, and proud on the show, I will not rest (though, to be sure, I will also not pursue the matter too strenuously).

What do you think?

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  1. Hesed

    You cried when Krusty the Clown revealed his semitic lusciousness, didn’t you? C’mon, admit it.


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