Grand Theft Auto Wades Into the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict With This Awkward Flag-Swapping Glitch

My god, what does it mean? Are the folks Rockstar Games making a larger point about how we all, Jews and Arabs alike, are really, deep down, one and the same? Are they saying that “Israeli” and “Palestinian” are just superficial labels used to separate and divide us? Maybe they’re even saying that, just as their game’s protagonist is inherently criminal, so to is our strict adherence to geographic boundaries and nationalities?

Or, maybe they just fucked up, and there’s a weirdo glitch in the online edition of their insanely popular Grand Theft Auto series.

As Kotaku points out, the flag-swapping glitch occurs when players visit an in-game barbershop wearing a parachute knapsack (like one does, duh) customized with a country’s logo – a feature the game supports.  And while the glitch isn’t necessarily Israel/Palestine-specific (Kotaku’s writer experienced a similar instance with a S. Korean flag) the effect caught by youtuber and GTA:Online gamer Davimotep is still particularly awkward.

That said, in a game where robbery, assault, and murder are the goals, a simple flag mix-up between bitterly divided geopolitical neighbors is pretty mundane.

[h/t Matthue]

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