Got Lieb?

Readers of Jewdar know us as the very Dorian Gray-like picture of moderation and self control, so we hope we don’t disappoint overmuch to confess that we have a monkey on our backs that would take the likes of “Jane Goodall’s”:,1020,129430,00.jpg and “Gunther Goebel Williams”: supersexy sin-spawn to control. We speak, of course, of the summer lovin’ that breaks out in the Jewdar home whenever Fox’s _So You Think You Can Dance_ “comes on”:

In addition to the beyond fabulous dancing, last year’s show featured “NJB Brian Friedman”: who wore a Star of David while dispensing Solomonic wisdom as a judge. While he may not be back this year, there is at least one Jewtie cutie among the competitors, 18-year old “Lauren Gottlieb”: who wowed the judges in the first round and is back for more tonight. We’re expecting great things from her here at Jewdar, even if our dream of her taking it all in a “Fonzie-esque kazatski”: competition do not come true.

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