Gilbert Gottfried As Twitter Is A Kvetchy Nightmare

That we’re all under constant bombardment from our various social media outlets isn’t exactly a groundbreaking revelation, but I’ll be damned if the horrors of too-much-connectivity have ever been as terrifyingly obnoxious as they are here:

Yes, those are oblique references to Gilber’s now-infamous tsunami tweets, and his subsequent opus on the nature of internet offense and apologies.

The brainchild of Ben Goodman, “Life In Your Social Network – Social Disorder” is more than just a funny – albeit horrifying – look at the way we’re faced with a barrage of Facebook, Kickstarter, and Twitter ephemera; It’s actually part one of a three-part “show-mercial” Goodman is producing to promote his Heard social content sharing network. As Goodman told The Daily Dot, Heard uses a complex set of advanced algorithms to streamline and slim down the clutter of an average users social networks – a concept that will be illustrated in parts two and three of the “Life In Your Social Network” series.

Until then, however, we’re left with the nightmare scenario of Gilbert Gottfried in our kitchen, screaming tweets at us whether we like it or not.

…and we kind of do.

What do you think?

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