Dating a Jew Is Not a Good Enough Reason to Set Your Daughter on Fire

When girls put themselves out on the line for love, they sometimes get burned, but not usually by their father.

In Paris, a Muslim Tunisian man attempted to set fire to his “emancipated” daughter’s face.

“He then attacked her with the teargas and poured petrol over her head and face, after which he pulled out a lighter, causing her to scream.”

Apparently he was not pleased with her choice of beau, a Jew. Fundamentalism is one thing, but Joan-of-Arc-ing your own daughter? That’s going just a little too far—even if you are a Muslim in a city where anti-Semitism goes down as smoothly as brie on a baguette.

There is an adage many parents adhere to: No one is good enough to date my child. And sometimes proud papas take protectiveness to the extreme. When I introduced my most recent boyfriend to my elders, my father took a shotgun to the gentlemen caller’s face and demanded, “What are your intentions with my daughter?” It was hilarious (to everyone except le boyfriend). My father used a plastic rifle he borrowed from the neighbors (like a sensible Jewish man he didn’t want to spend $25 on a one-minute gag), but the sentiment was clear–don’t mess with my daughter.

Bottom Line: Wanting to extinguish your daughter’s new flame is understandable, setting your daughter aflame isn’t.

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Michelle Slonim

Michelle Slonim is a comedienne, producer, teaching artist and proud Jew. She created the organization Date My Jewish Friend in order to bring a sense of 'play' back into the dating scene. Through fun interactive events, Date My Jewish Friend combines Michelle's passion for the arts and meeting new people. The varied events are interactive and create a friendly atmosphere for Jews to connect romantically. She has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, NY Post, Jerusalem Post, Jewish Forward, Jewish Week, websites for Comedy Central, HBO, and Conde Naste. Michelle has led several birthright trips, teaches with Urban Arts Partnership, was selected as a Shapiro Family Fellow, Goldman Fellow, and is on the Board of the Young Professionals Group of Central Synagogue. Her website is and twitter is @Michelle_DateMy. Michelle speaks Spanish and street Yiddish with a few broken Hebrew words in the mix.

7 Responses

  1. Cheryl

    Wanted to hear more about what happened, less “lite humor” about it. Fail.

  2. Abigail

    Cheryl, if you’d like to read more about this news, click on the link that was provided. That link will direct you to the source. The only “fail” here was your failure to read closely.

  3. Sven

    Your ignorance is cute and is part of what we, the people “in the know” who are not anti-Semitic monsters, find so adorable about Jews. I mean, how else would you have made it through the last 5000 years. Nevertheless, it is also very frightening, especially for a German like me, who knows what anti-Semitism is and where it comes from. American Jews have absolutely no fucking clue what they are dealing with. You deserve the right to be ignorant about what’s going on out there in the world. But you must hope (or pray, whatever you prefer) that people like me will always be around. Otherwise, someday, they (the monsters) will come to your house again, throw your father out the window, rape you and all other female members of your family, and enslave/kill the rest.

  4. joe

    I love this guy. First he abandons his daughter. Then he shows up after she is grown and gets all critical because she did not turn out the way she would have if he stuck around to raise her in accordance with his religious values,customs and taboos. Finally he shows up at her apartment armed with tear gas and gasoline and trys to set her on fire. It may just be me, but I see this as a staight up crime perpetrated by a mentally ill estranged father on his 23 year old adult child.

  5. David S.

    Dear Sven:
    Am I being paranoid, or did I detect a very foul stench when you say,”it is also very frightening, especially for a German like me, who knows what anti-Semitism is and where it comes from. American Jews have absolutely no fucking clue what they are dealing with.”
    Thanks but no thanks, Sven, but I’ll take care of my family rather than leave it a good German like you who knows what anti-Semitism is and where it comes from.
    Despite our post-Holocaust demeanor,” we do not live in a state of denial. We have been hard-wired by 5,000 years of anti-Semitism to be able to smell an anti-Semite. We know where it comes from: It comes out of the pores and sweat glands as strong as the garlic bread you ate last night.
    How dare you say “American Jews have absolutely no fucking clue what they are dealing with?”
    What kind of a people do you think we are?
    Do you think the words “Never Again” is just a home-team slogan like “Go Gators?”
    Sven, you have absolutely no fucking clue with whom you are dealing.

  6. Michael Alex

    Way to generalize Sven my man. I’m American, Jewish and probably know more than you ever will. Pop quiz – how many Jews are listed on Global Sanctions Lists and Watch-lists for terror? How many radical Islamists? Who are the Fogels? We are more tuned in to your plight (yup – you’ve turned over your lands to the caliphate or are heading down that path) – then you could ever be. So, good luck with Sharia law my man – Burka up!

  7. Lou Adams

    Some American Jews don’t want to know what they are dealing with no matter how smart they maybe, just read the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles and you won’t be so quick to believe we all grasp the growing dangers.


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