Flotilla Tidbits and Severed Genitals: Wednesday’s Links

The young Jew who rode an ambulance to Arafat’s headquarters back in 2002 — and dubbed the “Jewish Taliban” by the NYPost for it — is now in charge of the Freedom Flotilla. Kids grow up so fast. (The Washington Post)

Yo, Jeff Zucker, NB’C you later! Uh . . . you dick. (Screen Junkies)

Nazi meme keeps going: Journalist hits Sarah Palin with the other N-word. And Palin “unleashes the hell hounds,” e.g., Coulter, O’Reilly and Glenn Beck. (Politico)

Despite previous claims, Arizona Governor’s daddy never fought Nazis, making it slightly harder to justify hunting down Mexicans. (Wonkette)

Nuttin’ to lose: Boy’s tapped sack becomes a severed member. Oh to be young again. (Death + Taxes)

What do you think?

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