Debbie Rowe Sells Her Parental Rights for the Third Time

Reportedly, the Jacksons are shelling out $4 million to baby maker Debbie Rowe in exchange for full custody of Michael Jackson‘s two eldest children, Prince and Paris. This is only the third time Rowe has been paid to give up her parental rights.

After the birth of son Prince Michael, now 12, and daughter Paris, 11, she agreed to allow Jackson to raise them in exchange for a lump sum of $8 million, plus $900,000 annually for five years, the source said.

When Jacko was accused of child molestation in 2001, Rowe resurfaced to reclaim her rights. But she wound up giving her ex-husband full custody of the kids anyway — in exchange for another $4 million plus a $900,000 home – NYPost

How many more times will Rowe be paid to disappear and shut the fuck up? Supposedly, the latest $4 million means she has forfeited any rights she has to challenge custody in the future. Yeah right! Rowe will be back. I am as certain about her return as I am that Grandpa Joe will have Prince and Paris moonwalking across the dance floor in no time.

What do you think?

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