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Welcome Back, Vladimir Poontang (Agent Bedhead)

National Clown Week is the Scariest Week Ever (Asylum)

The Segal Road Bike’s Magnesium Coating Resists Corrosion as Strongly as a Jewish Woman Stereotypically Resists Performing Oral Sex (Bike Snob)

iTouchHer: Adult Games For The iPhone (Fleshbot)

John Hughes RIP Movie Memorial Montage (The Daily What)

12 Movie Characters Who Were Set on Fire (Unreality)

Kinky Friedman’s Political Journey – The Outlaw Turns Sheriff (The Guardian)

Christianity is Dangerous (Blog of Hilarity)

The Branding of Brooklyn (Stuff Hipsters Hate)

Revolutionary New Dickwear (Bust)

What’s on TV Tonight: Thursday August 6 (Screen Junkies)

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