Daily Links

Sieg Miaow (Cats That Look Like Hitler)

Ice T: Return of the Mac (Dreidel Hustler)

Old People Talking About the Internet (The Daily What)

Get Your Creepy Juliette Lewis Fetish On Here (Agent Bedhead)

The Whole San Diego Disgusting Uniform Thing (Uncoached)


Funniest Digg Comment Ever (Caveman Circus)

Will Ferrell Dies With a Dildo in His Hand (Film Drunk)


Birthright Israel Hires Agriprocessors’ Disgraced Former PR Firm 5WPR (Failed Messiah)


Real Vampires Kick Ass and Get Laid (Pajiba)

Jew Fro Over Jew Fro = Pimp (I Can Has Matzo)

Blind Items & A Weeping Willow (Amy Grindhouse)

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  1. boychik

    Birthright Israel and 5Wpr? Somebody must have compromising photos of Michael Steinhardt.


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