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Before You See Basterds This Weekend, Pay Respect to their Veteran Forebears – The Top 10 Nazi Killing Movies (Screen Junkies)

Celebrating Emos, Athletes who Fake It and Other Horrible Creatures (Agent Bedhead)

How Long Does Bill Murray Spend in Groundhog Day?

(Wolf Gnards)

Early Bird Special: iRoad Rage (The Daily What)

Better Homes and Vaginas (Gram Ponante)

Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart, And Kari Ann Peniche’s Uncensored Sex Tape (Fleshbot)

6 Animals That Can Get You High (Cracked)

Bruce Willis to Become Expendable (Film Drunk)

Revenge: An Inspirational Seminar (Popporn)

Physicist Richard Feynman: “I Can Live With Doubt” (Mental Floss)

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