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That Billy Joel CD in your room that you “just happen to have,” “must have gotten for free” or is “probably my brother’s” will never inspire Thom Yorke, Wayne Coyne or Jack White. It will never be appropriated by the hipsterati the way ABBA, Kiss and Rush have been. In fact, the only crowd Billy Joel seems to be attracting nowadays is fans of _Moving Out_, a modern dance performance – three words as appealing to me as triple bypass surgery.

I used to love Billy Joel, but I also used to wear diapers. We grow out of some things; it’s just part of the maturation process. Yet, I must admit that Joel will still touch me in ways that Radiohead, The Flaming Lips or The White Stripes cannot. On the rare occasion that I put on his music and hear the twinkling ivory keys commencing “Piano Man,” I am, all at once, at ease.

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